In 1976 Sabzevari Trading received the exclusive distribution rights of Tajima Japan so,with expanding his commercial activities and introduced new automatic Embroidery sewing machines in Iran. Initially such products were only mechanical, but along with the advancements in technology, Sabzevari Trading Co. was the first company in Iran ...



Sabzevari Trading Co. was founded in 1960 by late Mr. Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari, as an exclusive distributor of Husqvarna Group of Sweden. Sewing machines and spare parts, lawn mowers, chainsaw and motorcycles were among the products that this company traded, as well as servicing and training of those.



Believe that only a fine mix of science and innovation can guarantee the successful existence of any company and therefore it has continuously invested in such and evolved itself to keep up with the rapid changes in the industry.




1926 Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari birth & and start Husqvarna Co. exclusive agency.
1936 Emigration to Iraq & start Husqvarna agency in Baghdad market.
1948 First part of sewing machine import to Iraq after world war 2.

1966 - 1980

1966 Start Tajima exclusive agency for multi head embroidery machine.
1980 Start a directorate for first sewing machine factory in Iran & Middle East.


1991 Start Kachiran Co. after follow up for eleven year, construction factory base and install machine & order heavy industrial machine to German factory.
1991 Start Easy Co. in network instrument field.

1992 - 1999

1992 Start Sabzevari Tech Co.
1999 Mohammad Hossein Sabzevari start wok at direct manager position in 1999 to present.


1999 Seyed Mohammad Hossein Sabzevari start head of directorate in Kachiran Co.

2011 seyed borhan Sabzevari son of Seyed Sadegh Sabzevai & Kachiran Co, direct manager martyr in pilgrimage travel to Iraq.
2011 Seyed Mehdi Mirsajadi start in Kachiran Co. at direct manager position.

2018 Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari died at this year.



    Teaching tips and techniques for sewing and working with sewing machines, embroidery, flowering, work with sewing accessories and  ...



    Common problems with the use of sewing by users, recognition of the launching stages and critical and important parts of the sewing machine, the proper maintenance of the wheel and ...

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