Tajima DG/ML



That's how embroidery software should be.

Edition X, the latest version of Tajima DG/ML by Pulse, gives embroiderers a newer and more efficient way of creating quality embroidery. Combining productivity enhancements with a host of new, user-friendly features, Edition X dramatically simplifies the design creation process.


VBETM, Vector Based Embroidery, is the next generation of embroidery creation. Instead of punching a design, Tajima DG/ML by Pulse’s VBETM environment lets you convert images into embroidery with a few mouse clicks. Supporting Bezier curves, VBETM allows you to create designs with an increased level of precision, speed and ease.


Since its establishment in 1982, Pulse Microsystems has been the technological leader in the embroidery software industry through constant innovation. Pulse Microsystems' goal is to be the leader and our motivation is constant innovation. Pulse Microsystems has the largest pool of programming, mathematics and embroidery expertise in the industry. In addition, our experienced worldwide distributors and broad customer base are a huge source of new ideas, feedback and development for our software. Pulse Microsystems invests a large amount of time and resources in research and development. Our commitment to R&D is reflected by the large number of technological innovations that have become widely adopted by today's embroidery marketplace. Many of the most popular features found in today's embroidery software were developed by Pulse Microsystems


About Us:

Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari Trading Company as exclusive agent of Husqvarna Company-Sweden was established by Mr. Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari in 1960. At the beginning, the activities of that company concentrated on Husqvarna’s products including Sewing Machine, Mower, Chain Saw and Motor Cycle. Also, it established an institution for training how to use sewing machines and repairing it.

By obtaining exclusive agency from Tajima-Japan, Sabzevari Trading Co introduced Multi-Head Embroidery machines in Iran-wide in 1976. Those machines were completely mechanical at first. But with global industrial progress, new technologies came to Embroidery industry and the first Multi-Head Computerized Embroidery machine presented to Iran market by Sabzevari Trading Co in 1992.



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