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About Us:

Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari Trading Company as exclusive agent of Husqvarna Company-Sweden was established by Mr. Seyed Sadegh Sabzevari in 1960. At the beginning, the activities of that company concentrated on Husqvarna’s products including Sewing Machine, Mower, Chain Saw and Motor Cycle. Also, it established an institution for training how to use sewing machines and repairing it.

By obtaining exclusive agency from Tajima-Japan, Sabzevari Trading Co introduced Multi-Head Embroidery machines in Iran-wide in 1976. Those machines were completely mechanical at first. But with global industrial progress, new technologies came to Embroidery industry and the first Multi-Head Computerized Embroidery machine presented to Iran market by Sabzevari Trading Co in 1992.



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